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Vacant Staging

For some homeowners, the condition and the appearance of the home are good. The only issue is the fact that the property is empty and not attractive at the first sight. Discover which pieces of our inventory can help you turn your empty space into an inviting space. When planning a vacant home staging project, we recommend the right amount of inventory needed to assist you to transform that “empty” space into a space that potential buyers will love!

We provide you with a complimentary bid listing the recommended inventory items that you can rent from our warehouse to better showcase your space and attract buyers! Our inventory includes quality items such as furniture (sofas and accent tables, dining sets.), artwork, and other accessories such as lighting, rugs, replicas of a big screen television and a lot more! You can have an initial discussion with our home staging consulting department to draw the plan of your staging concept to the property.

Occupied Staging

Occupied Home Staging is a service which we provide for sellers’ who want continue to live in the home while it is on the market. Also, it requires a lot of knowledge of interior designing, real estate, and more by behavior.

This service provides supplemental furniture, area rugs, lamps, art and accessories from the Sensational Home Staging’s unique collection and tailored to the ambiance of the home. The home will be re-merchandised to appeal to today’s buyer. The ambiance at home works to stage occupied homes in a manner that will appeal to a wide audience and maximize the space in a home. We are always respectful and professional when working with homeowners.

Interior Design

We are enriched with the latest interior designing techniques and standards. In more cases, we provide you to have an initial discussion with an interior designer as your wish. You can consult our interior design service to match colors, buy modern furniture and other things. We do a consultation on your interior design requirements. You can hire a consultation from one of our experienced interior designers to re – decorate your home.

We provide online interior design service and consultation service so you may not really require to visit us physically. Interior design is more than art in home staging. It completes the property by giving fullness. Meanwhile, home staging will fill all the empty spaces in the property. This includes all re-decorating and re-designing property as well.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui designing is the art of organizing spaces to increase positive energy. It will help us to maintain healthy, wealthy and balanced interior design environment. Feng Shui is a latest interior design method which is getting popular among home makers. In other words, it is the latest trend. There need to be five Feng Shui elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Wood and Metal) in different combinations in every room of your living space.

We often get requirements for Feng Shui designing since it is the trend nowadays. We have samples of properties which we have re – decorated in Feng Shui designing. We can also re – design your home in Feng Shui designing method. You will feel the real difference.