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Home Staging

Home staging is nothing but preparing your private resident or any other building for sale in the real estate market. The purpose of staging a home is to make it appealing to numerous numbers of potential buyers in the market. So you need to stage and transform your home according to the current standards. Also to make it as an attractive product that anyone in the market might want. Arts, painting, accessories, lights, pillows, furniture, greenery and carpets are usual elements in staging a home. Home staging is way beyond decorating and cleaning. It’s all about creating moods. Staging will make your home look larger, brighter, cleaner, warmer more loving and attractive.

Staging Consultation

This helpful service consists of a detailed walk-through of the property (inside and out) with the homeowner. Included with this service is an easy to follow, step-by-step, plan of action presented to the home owner and agent for reference. We provide staging consultation for both occupied and unoccupied homes. Our main goal is to create a better environment that appeals and attract to the majority of buyers by enhancing positive features and reducing the negative aspects of the property. Most Home Selling Consultations are complete within one hour. This may vary according to your requirement. Mostly staging consultation will be supervised under an experienced designer. Home staging doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you just hire a home stager to give you detailed advice on what to do.

Staging Cost

The costs consisted of working with a professional home stager will vary widely and can begin as low as $150 for a consultation, and range well above $6000 for a massive undertaking.

Our staging consultation charges by the hour. Sometimes we may request a flat fee depend on the size of the staging process. The biggest factors affecting cost are the size and condition of the home as well as the geographical area in which it is located. Homeowners on a budget may choose to pay for a consultation with us and then implement the suggestions themselves, or they may opt to hire the stager to transform only the main rooms.

Some consumers wonder if the hassle of remaking rooms, buying brand new accessories and furniture, and ensuring that the house is always ready to look like a designer showroom is worth it. That all depend on your requirement and we will be available to guide you when you are required. If you are not able to budget the expense or have no idea to plan your home staging process, our staging planners are happy to assist you. You can stage your home with the budget package or you can even go for a higher one.